Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Dusk of Islam, Part 2

I would like to give one more example of falsehood of Islam's ,Mohammad's ,muslims' and Quran's claim: If Christ was not crucified/killed then Christ is and was alive at Mohammad's time and therefore the very idea and need for a new prophet/messenger is false.

Now that I am clear that Mohammad is/was a false prophet/messenger, Islam is/was a false religion and I have already made Allah or Alla The God The Devil; then it should be clear that Islam is a cult of thedevilthesatantheantichristthedemonthe'Iblis' and a muslim is 'Iblis' and Mohammad's own life before and after Islam provides the proof:

As a pagan idol-worshipper, he was a regular guy with one wife living a regular life and then after Islam/false messengership he became a sex meniac who had 10-11 wives from all age groups starting from as young as about 10 year old Aesha and in addition he also had many slave women.

As a pagan idol-worshipper, he was honest'ameen' and truthful'siddiq' and had murdered no one and then after Islam/false messengership he became a deceitful warmonger and a murderer issuing 'fatwas' or hit orders to kill; as any mobster, gangster or druglord does these days; to eliminate opponents for whatever reason because reason is irrelevant and can easily be called an excuse.

An example of his selfishness, meanness and deceit, in my opinion, would be that when he found out that his opponents in Mecca have finalised a plot to kill him he told Ali to sleep in his bed so that he can slip out in the darkness of night, with Abubakar, to Madina. He could have easily put stones, stuffed pillows etc. under coversheet and taken Ali with him as well. The only thing that saved Ali's life was the decency of the pagan idol-worshippers who decided to give their opponent, thinking that it was Mohammad under the coversheet, a chance to defend himself. Ali would have been dead and in many pieces if they had struck their swords without lifting the coversheet.

This new idea of dividing muslims into extremists and moderates is false and any muslim who thinks that Mohammad would have left him/her living as a muslim if he/she did not follow 'all' of his commandments is simply a fool. If Mohammad were to be alive these days he would be giving only two choices:e.g. to muslim men who do not have beards: choose between beheading or growing beard as thou have been commanded and to muslim women who do not wear 'burqa/ 'hijab': choose between beheading or covering thou as thou is commanded.

I remember a story of a prominent muslim scholar named Mansoor who, while teaching his madrassa students, would go into some kind of accentric/mental condition and start yelling 'analhaq' meaning 'I am thegodthetruth'. He was beheaded because Mohammad has a commandment to kill anyone who says he is god. And there are many commandments to kill in Islam for many other reasons for all those moderate muslims to check for themselves.

For those muslims, mullas and scholars of Islam who say that Mohammad never worshipped idols, I just have to say that you are denying the very basic fact that babies learn by immitating people around them. Not only Mohammad worshipped idols before Islam, he had no problem worshipping idols after Islam/false messengership. When the Quran's verse to switch direction for prayer from Jerusalem or Damascas to 'kaba' came to him, he and his followers had no problem switching direction well aware of the fact that there are idols in there. Those idols were destroyed when Mecca was conquered. Therefore, all the time from the direction switch to the destruction of idols, Mohammad and his follower muslims apparently worshipped idols(in kaba).

I am not certain of the origin of Islamic/satanic rituals of fasting in Ramadan, praying and hajj. In my opinion, hajj may have started as a family gettogether at kaba the one room home built by Ibrahim for himself, his wife Hajjra and son Ismaeel in the wilderness(Arabia). Ismaeel and his children may have set a day to go see ma/grandma Hajjra and may have started calling the gettogether 'hajj'; and later when the family grew into arab nation they may have agreed to make kaba a common property and when they started worshipping idols they may have agreed to make kaba an idol storage room after hajj.

The prayer appears to be an idol-worship ritual in form. In my opinion, at the start of hajj the tribesmen will retrieve their idols from kaba and take them to their tents and prepare them for praying and then put them in front with leader or imam of the tribe standing in front of his tribesmen lined behind him to start the ritual.

After Mohammad abolished idol-worship, the prayer ritual actualy became a nonsensical form of worship from a sensible form of idol-worship. With nothing in front, anyone who does not understand the language can think when imam bends down saying Allawhoakbar he is telling his following to Kissmybigass or Bowtomybigass etc.etc. Perhaps the 'niyya' or 'niyyat' acts as a self-hypnoses and prevent the ignorant muslims to see clearly that without the idol in front they appear to be worshipping imam's and each others' asses or assholes.

Fasting in Ramadan, in my opinion, may simply have started as an idea to build appetite before the festival of hajj.

Ibrahim was not only the father of Ismaeel but also the father of Ishaq meaning, in my opinion, that Ishaq has/had the same legal right on kaba as Ismaeel. Therefore, if jews try hard enough they might find some legal ground or loophole to lay claim over kaba, arabia and it's oil wealth which, by the way, was there belowground when Mohammad used to run around aboveground claiming he is a great prophet/messenger of great god Alla who knows it all. Obviously the fact that both Mohammad and his all knowing Alla had no clue that a vast wealth lay belowground otherwise they may have come up with one useful commandment 'to dig' instead of 'to kill' such as:
One does not need present day knowledge of science and engineering to find uses for petroleum; all knowing Alla, Mohammad and muslims should know that or better.

I have not found any answer to the question as to why Mohammad was illiterate.
He was born in respectable clan and, if not in childhood, after marrying wealthy Khadija he should have had no problem in paying to learn to read and write. Perhaps, in my opinion, he had some kind
of learning disability or in other, impolite, words he was a retard.

I have no answers or solutions but only my opinions for the whys and whatifs that I have debated and discussed with myself and others all my life. Soloman became the wize man with his stupid opinion/judgement and order to cut a child into two pieces, a child who had done nothing wrong; whatif neither of the two women fighting for child's custody were child's mother who might have died giving birth; child would have been cut into two equal pieces and Soloman would have become a horrible fool.

I am writing all this neither to offend anyone nor to please anyone. It is simply my opinion but some may benefit from it and some may get hurt by it or because of it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Dusk of Islam, Part 1

In 2007, I read two news stories to begin with.

In one:Ahmadnejab-president of Iran claimed that he prays to the God but Bush-president of U.S. prays to the Devil.

In second:Muslim mullahs and scholars sent open letter to the Pope claiming that Muslims and Christians worship same God.

so I wonder: IS THE GOD THE DEVIL ?

Christians believe that Christ was crucified and Muslims believe the opposite that Christ was not crucified;two opposing beliefs cannot be both right.

Further more: I remember one of the explanations by Muslims/Mullahs states that Christ made someone else look like him to be crucified.

That will make Christ a Cheat and a Deceiver and that is, again, opposite to the Christian belief of the Christ the Compassionate.

My name is Tayyab,Aziz. I was born,9 November 1945, in Panjab,India which was partitioned by the British in 1947 into India and Pakistan on religious grounds.

Being born in muslim family, I became citizen of Pakistan. In 1974, I came to Canada as Landed Immigrant and became Canadian citizen in 1978.

When I was young, I was a devout muslim but as I grew older I started to have problem with God, Islam and muslims who,now I believe, are ignorant and illtolerant.

Islamic belief is based on rewards 'swabs' and punishments 'sins' and the objective is to collect more 'swabs' than 'sins' to pass The Judgement.

Failure to practice mandatory items, praying or fasting in Ramadan, will result in automatic collection of 'sins' but one can collect 'sins' by simply questioning.

For example reading Quran is 'swab' and not reading Quran means no 'swab' but if one questions as to why? one is collecting 'sin'.

One can tranfer 'swabs' but not 'sins' e.g. one can,after reading Quran, say that 'swab' of reading Quran go to so and so dead or living.

The idea that questioning the rules will result in collecting 'sins' not just discourages questioning but also instils terror in a muslim child who grows up to be ignorant and illtolerant.

I remember when my son who was at the time a 4-5 year old child recited the Christian prayer, Our Father _ _ _ , I got very angry at him.

Islam's God, Allah, cannot be called Father because Quran specifically states ' He begets not, nor was He begotten '.

Muslims believe in Mohammad's claim that he is the last messenger of God, Allah, who sent messengers before him like Jesus, Soloman, David, Moses with books like Quran.

Muslims are told that those old books have been changed by Christians and Jews and are told not to read those because Quran overrides them all.

But, after that angry burst of mine at my son, I became curious and got a Bible from a co-worker and started reading it and realised mine and other muslims' ignorance.

Quran is believed/claimed to be a book from God, Allah, and brought to Mohammad by angel Gabriel and Bible's new Testament was written by deciples and followers of Jesus.

Therefore, Quran's claim, that it is a book just like the previous book(s), is false and I started to think about and question all claims made by Islam, Mohammad and Quran.

I started to find that the very claims by Mohammad and Quran themselves prove all the claims to be false.

For example the very claim by Mohammad that he receives messages from God, Allah, through Gabriel makes Gabriel the massenger of Allah not him.

Mohammad tells his followers who were praying loud not to pray loud because God, Allah, is so close He can hear their whispers then claims that he went to a distant place to meet Him.

Many places in Quran it says 'Qala Mosa' meaning that these are words of Moses proving itself that it is not the word of God, Allah, as is claimed by Mohammad.

To make it easy to understand let me say: Qala president Kenedy, ask not what your country can do _ _ _ . Just by putting Qala presedent Kenedy I cannot claim his words to be mine.

Therefore, if Quran itself proves Mohammad's claims false, does it not mean that Mohammad is a false prophet and Islam is a false religion?

Furthermore, Islam's claim of being universal and applicable to all is false because it cannot be practiced every where.

In order to understand one needs to use present knowledge of starwars and aliens living elsewhere in the universe and think of applying Islam to e.g. people living on the Moon where Islamic moon calender gets thrown out the window.So no moon calender hence no month of Ramadan to fast and no hajj and no k'aba, no way to face for daily 5 prayers.

Now let us come down to Earth and go to Antarctica where there is night for 6 months and day for 6 months so the daily prayer becomes yearly 5 prayers and no way of daily fasting in the month of Ramadan because Quran has specific instructions as to the timing of the begining of fast at dawn and ending at sunset and Mohammad has given specific instructions as to the timing of prayers: morning 'fajr' at dawn before sunrise, 'zhr' after midday when shadow increases one length, 'asr' after shadow increase two lengths, 'mgrb' after sunset and 'esha' after dusk at night fall.

Therefore muslims living in northern countries like Norway, the land of the midnight sun, can only practice Islam if they have changed/modified clear instructions of Quran and Mohammad hence proving themselves that Islam is a fake/false and outdated religion that needs change/modification and hence cannot be divine as they claim.

As a matter of fact, present day muslims with present day knowledge of Earth being round and going around Sun and not the other way around as described in Quran, do not believe what Mohammad and his companions/followers believed that Earth is flat and Sun rises from a pond in East and sets in a pond in West and that, in my opinion, makes them all 'Kafirs'.

Now that I have concluded present day muslims including myself as 'Kafirs', there is no reason for me to continue practice Islam and even believe in it because my present day knowledge/belief of the universe can never be the same as the sixth century's knowledge and beliefs of Mohammad and his companions/followers and therefore, for me and all others 'Allah' becomes the God the Devil.

Therefore, I replaced 'Allah' with the Savior the Christ the Compassionate the Merciful the Lord and the Judge of the Day of the Judgement for my prayer because you can be in any century or on any planet in the universe you can pray ' Heavenly Father, Holy is thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven ' and it does not even matter if you believe heaven to be simply an imagination or an imaginary place.