Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Dusk of Islam, Part 3

Neither I can nor I have the desire to be the judge for others but my Abba G.,my Father in heaven can, and I hope that He will, consider my opinion as my verdict as a juror,of a jury,
who, based on the evidence, have rejected Islam and have accepted Christianity.

I remember that it was about 3:45 p.m. on 18 september 2007 that I was sitting in a chair in my home, praying as I do most of my time, I said to myself I accept Christianity.

My knowledge of christianity is very limited. I know nothing about the reasons as to why there are so many different churches of christ or branches of christianity. But I do know that my acceptance of christianity does not mean that all of a sudden I have started to believe in flying reindeers and santaclauses and in camels,donkeys or horses that can carry
wizemen from Yemen to Jerusalem in one night.

My acceptance of christianity means to me that I have made myself a client of Jesus Christ
and in doing so I have made Jesus Christ my attorney,my guide and my trustee and, based
on my knowledge and beliefs, I have become a one man church of the Christ.

I do not believe in the numbers game or logic because that logic proves itself to be wrong
for example when there were a handful of christians, christianity must be wrong or how can
more than a billion muslims be wrong etc.etc.

At the time of my acceptance of christianity, I had no idea that I would be writing anything
about it.But then in early November I decided to write to prove that indeed more than billion
muslims are wrong and Islam is a beast in disguise that needs to be exposed.

Muslims show great respect for prophets/messengers of the Bible but that respect is very
sinister. They are lead to believe that they were all muslims. This ignorance of muslims also
extends to other historical figures e.g. the Alexander the great is also considered a muslim.
Translated name of Alexander in muslims is 'sikander' and to prove that he was a muslim all
they do is attach mohammad before and their caste or trible name after and walla Alexander
becomes muslim e.g. mohammad sikander malik, mohammad sikander khan etc.etc.

The other sinister reason for their respect for Moses, David, Soloman, Jesus and others is to
use them as steps in a stepladder to elevate Mohammad on top of the stepladder using the
claim that being the last prophet/messenger he is the most high but obviously that respect,
in my opinion, is actually demeaning.

The demeaning of christians and christianity, in my opinion, is even greater.Mohammad and
his all knowing Alla either forgot Jesus's name or deceptively came up with a new name for
him 'eesa' and for more than fourteen hundred years muslims have been calling a christian
'eesaee' and christianity 'eesaeeyat' and with no objection from christians and their leaders
muslims and their mullas/scholars blatantly say that it's the christians who got it wrong.

I say to muslims that it's not the Bible or christians who are wrong, it's their all knowing Alla
and Quran who are wrong.The real name is/was 'Yesu'[Masih=Christ] which became Jesu or
Jesus Christ. There is another name in Quran 'Idrees' that muslims say is the same person who is Enoch in Bible. It is another example of Islam's falsehood.

I understand that a belief is that one believes in whether it can be proven or not and in that sense no belief can be false or true.But, when one sees/hears that a hindu minister in
India drinks a cocktail of cow's and his own urine every morning and when one sees/hears
that afgan muslims demonstrating/shouting that if they are muslims they should kill afgan
who converted to christianity, one needs to question that belief.

One can clearly see that no matter how disgusting it feels, hindu's drinking and belief is not
causing harm to anyone and on the other hand muslim's belief is designed to harm others. I
cannot help myself if I do not question the evil belief.

In my opinion, by inventing Islam, Mohammad has caused more human rights violations than
any man ever and there is no other solution than to wrap-up this beast that is Islam and bury it back in the desert of arabia from where he unleashed it upon this earth.

The so called moderate or modern muslims who think that all they have to do is say two eid
prayers a year and call or consider themselves scholars will say that I know nothing about
Islam and my writing is superficial and will try to hide the beast that is Islam behind social
issues and will try to mystify Islam.

But, these days, Islam is being exposed as it has never been exposed before. My article is
not the only article on the web.There are many other websites with news,comments and
articles exposing the true beastly evil nature of Islam. I am hopeful that the beast that is
Islam will not be able to hide anywhere and will get buried back in arabia.


Linda G. Richard said...

I do not understand... You have become Christian, and I am happy that you found what you believe to be truth.

But why do you feel the need to insult Islam? You've even gone so far as to lie about it. :-( I think we have enough Islamophobes doing that, the last thing we need is someone who used to be Muslim, if it's true.

Were you really Muslim? Did you study at all, or was it just that your parents were Muslim and so you were.... did you read the Qur'an? How knowledgeable were you about it?

You see, I have gone the other way around. I was Christian for many years, and now I am Muslim masha'allah. I love Islam very much. And I love my fellow Muslims, too.

I feel no desire to insult Christianity, either. Even though there are some things that I believe are very wrong - I will not sit and write about them. I don't think doing that is right. I don't think it's right in God's eyes, either.

Negativity like that comes from Shaytan, Satan as you call him now.

Please stop insulting Islam.. please, for our sake and for yours. God sees and knows all. May He show you the truth.

Linda G. Richard said...

I forgot to add... I studied the Bible intensively for many years. I was very knowledgeable in it.

Aziz Tayyab said...

I do not check my writings on the web on regular bases that is why I am posting my comments about your comments today.
Your starting comment about yourself is my comment
for you that you do not understand.
I am and was more knowledgeable of islam and quran than almost all muslims who are mostly ignorant.
Bible 1John2:22 defines the Antichrist, who is the Liar,
as the one who denies the Father and the Son; and that is what allah, islam, mohammad and muslim is.
aziz tayyab

Aziz Tayyab said...

I do not know all the words in English language dictionary but to confirm I checked and there is no such word as "Shaytan" but there is word Satan which means adversary of God and only word God means God; Allah does not mean God. There is a word "Ilah" which means whatever or whoever you worship and if as claimed Allah is a derivative word of Ilah then it will mean the same; and in that case for a cow worshipper for example, allah will mean cow.
In any case, I have no desire to debate or discus with some wannabe new muslim who has learned few arabic words like Shaytan, masha'allah etc.
This is my opinion, my verdict and my judgement; and when I first put it on internet in 2008 for everyone to know, I emailed it to almost all the institutions of islamic studies because there is no lie in it and I felt the need for everyone to know the Truth.